I can’t even begin to describe just how effective this deodorant is. When I first tried it, I had purchased and even made so many natural deodorants. Having a n autoimmune disease, there was one point where I didn’t smell great at all and I could not find any deodorant that helped. It is a real confidence killer.

I am very cautious of what deodorant I use as commercial brands have so many toxic chemicals in them. When we are spraying something on our Lymphatic system which is our detoxification pathway, we should not be burdening it with toxicity.

Antiperspirants that stop us from sweating are stopping our bodies from doing what it naturally should be doing which is cleansing our body of toxins. This action will cause many health issues down the track and actually causes us to smell as it reduces the good bacteria on our skin and even in our gut.

Lavilin is a natural deodorant paste that has a probiotic added to help boost the good bacteria under our armpits.

Now when I started using it, I had no idea just how great this product was going to be. After 1 application, I didn’t have to reapply again for 4 days. Now I can go about 7-8 days before reapplying. There is no deodorant in the world that has this ability.

BUT, don’t take my word for it. Get on their site and get yourself a FREE sample. Click the link below, go to SHOP. Select the underarm sport deodorant cream sample, add it to your cart, go to checkout and type in NaomiRocks into the coupon code to get it for FREE. If you are jumping on to purchase your pot of deodorant, still get yourself a FREE sample using the coupon code of the deodorant so you can share it with someone you love. This is available to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

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