We all need deodorant on a daily basis right? No one likes to stink. Commercial brands are full of toxic chemicals and we are spraying those toxic chemicals right on our lymphatic system. This is our drainage or detoxification pathway. We need to sweat to release toxins from our body. So when we use antiperspirants, we are blocking our body from doing what it needs to do.

This makes loads of deodorant that you can share it with your friends or make it all for yourself and you won’t have to make it for a long time.

The inspiration for this recipe comes from Inspired Little Pot. It doesn’t have bicarb soda in it as bicarb changes the PH of your skin and reduces the good bacteria under your armpit. This is what is making you smell. The imbalance of good and bad bacteria. For the most amazing deodorant that helps boost that good bacteria is   . Click this link to get your free 1 month supply sample. Go to SHOP. Select Sport deodorant cream, add to cart, apply coupon code NaomiRocks so your sample is free. Go to checkout. If you are going to purchase still apply coupon code. Also still add a free sample to your cart. Someone you love might need it if you don’t want it yourself or it’s a great travel size.


  •  80g shea butter
  •  70g Extra Virgin coconut oil (the type that goes hard in winter)
  •  20g beeswax
  •  90g arrowroot flour (or cornflour)
  •  10 drops of TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL
  • 10 drops of Lemongrass essential oil
  • Other essential oils that are great for deodorants are, Cedarwood, Litsea, Patchouli, Tangerine, Lemon, Manuka, Lime. Just be sure that you use a trusted, pure essential oil. Many have synthetics added to them and that defeats the purpose of a non-toxic deodorant.


  • Using a double boiler method on medium heat (small saucepan of water, glass bowl on top), add shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.
  • Once those ingredients are fully melted, take the bowl off the heat and stir in arrowroot powder.
  • Once the mixture is smooth, add in the essential oils.
  • Pour into small glass jars and leave out to cool and set. For your DIY ingredients and essentials go to apply the discount code NaomiRocks to receive 5% off retail price.

If you would love these amazing, pure essential oils, click the link below and go to join and save.

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