Balance is a grounding blend that may assist in bringing on feelings of calm, relaxation and peace. I use this blend on my son every morning who is very emotional and often a “high maintenance” child. I take the dropper cap off the bottle and put a roller onto it so I can roll the oil straight on myself or down my sons spine or on his wrist. Sometimes I just roll it wherever I can reach on him if he is running away lol. It just has to get on him somewhere for my own sanity.

What is in this blend of oils?:

Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, German Chamomile with some fractionated coconut oil.

What are the benefits of using this oil?:

  • Promotes a whole-body sense of relaxation.
  • Evokes feelings of tranquility and balance.
  • Begin your day by putting doTERRA balance on the bottom of your feet to lessen stress throughout the day.
  • Use before bed for a restful nights sleep.
  • Add to Epsom salts for a comforting bath
  • Apply to neck or wrists to help ease anxious feelings
  • Diffuse in your car on long trips to help ease anxious feeling

If you would love to learn more about this essential oil please feel free to message me.

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