I love getting feedback from my followers about my recipes. Please feel free to tell me if you love or hate it and why. Maybe I could do something different? Or give me some of your family favourite meals so I can recreate it or make it healthier.

I want to see your photo’s and if you wouldn’t mind I’d love to share them with the rest of my followers.

Photo 1 is of the chicken bake from Kauri Pirika. Im glad the family enjoyed it.


Photo 2 is of the chicken bake from Kylie Gale. Thanks Gale family.


Photo 3 is from Deb Lewis. She loved her Lamb Shank Curry and said it’s staying on the yummy list. Thanks Deb.



Photo 4 is from Bek Bradbury of the superfood slice. She has put her own twist on it and made them into bliss balls. Yum. Cheers Bek.

Bek Bradbury superfood slice


Photo 5 is from Nadine Steele of the Cinnamon Muesli Bites in the Cooking with essential oils section. She said her kids loved it and it is super quick and easy to make. Thanks Nadine.

Nadine steel cinnamon muesli bites


Photo 6 is from Lana Jackson of the pecan slice. Lana said it tasted good. Thanks for the photo Lana.





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