I feel that hydration is one thing that we really don’t hold high on our priority list. We know what foods are fattening, foods that have too much sugar, alcohol is bad for us, but do we really know the importance of hydration? 

What are some of the signs that we are dehydrated? 

  • Dry skin
  • Dry lips and mouth
  • Low energy
  • Thirst
  • Hunger
  • Rapid pulse
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Brain fog, confusion

Most of the population are dehydrated and it’s not just because we don’t drink enough water. Not drinking enough water is a common problem, but hydration is so much more than that. We firstly need to look at water quality. What type of water are you drinking? Tap water unfortunately has heavy metal, chlorine and fluoride added to it by governing bodies. These chemicals are not only damaging to our organs, but they dehydrate us. So you can drink 3L of tap water a day as we are told to do, but what is it really doing to your body? 

Tap water is very acidic due to these added chemicals and heavy metals. Too much acidity in the body can cause many health issues. Our body prefers to operate in a more alkaline state. Too much acid can cause pain and inflammation, lack of energy, weight gain, stress, dry skin or irritated skin, poor digestion and brain fog. 

Drinks like soda, energy drinks, coffee, cordials, cool’ades and fruit juices made from concentrate are also acidic and have a tendency to dehydrate our system. When we wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is drink a coffee, it can put our liver into a stressed state. Remember we haven’t had anything to drink for around 8 hours and our liver is working hard to remove yesterdays toxins. The best thing you can have first thing in the morning is a pint of water with half a lemon or lime squeezed into it. This is hydrating and helps the liver to kick those nasties out that you put in yesterday. 

The foods we eat today are a major concern. The majority of the population eats a high fat, sugar and salt diet which are all dehydrating foods. By adding more fruits and vegetables, particularly cucumbers, celery, lettuce, kale and spinach, we allow our bodies to absorb nutrients better. These foods are very alkalising so they can help with the neutralisation of our body and therefore keep us more hydrated.

You may not think that this is such an important topic, but it can help all of your insides function together in synergy. If you suffer any kind of illness, hydration should be at the top of your list. It is up to us to teach our children these important aspects of life for the future of their health.

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