Hi health lovers,

I am Naomi Suzanne and I would love to help you get your life back the natural way, just as I did.

I suffered for a long time with an Autoimmune disease, Hashimotos. It was debilitating and depressing as I was a very fit and on the go Mum of 2 beautiful children.

After having zero help from many, many doctors (in fact they made me much worse, almost killed me), I invested in my health the natural way.

I began clean up my family’s diet. It wasn’t bad to begin with as I am an avid cook. But I could have done better. So I did.

I reduced the toxic chemicals in our house (and saved money doing it, bonus!).

I began stress reducing activities (I’m sure the kids were happier that Mummy was less stressed).

AND I discovered the root causes of health issues. 

I started this website to save you the time, money and energy that I spent finding all of this valuable information out. 

So dive right in….


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