HELL NO! Man I cringe when people say you shouldn’t eat more than 2 pieces of fruit a day because it’s too high in sugar or fructose. I have heard that from some people who I know will feed Muesli bars or some other kind of sugar filled processed food to their children. It’s like, really?

Our bodies actually run on sugar so it is really important to eat fruit and high carb vegetables like potato and sweet potato. Our brain and liver needs sugar as they store it in the form of glycogen. This glycogen is fuel for your body. If you’re not eating fruit and high carb vegetables, your not storing glycogen, your energy levels won’t be at their peak and will experience brain fog. If we don’t have sugar to produce this energy our bodies then overproduce stress hormones in order to keep us going. This then breaks down healthy muscle tissue to convert into sugar to keep the brain functioning.

Fruit is also full of antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radicals in the body and prevent oxidation which can damage molecules in our cells and DNA. This can overwhelm the body’s natural defence system. This process of oxidation actually ages us. Eating fruit can help stop that process. It can also help us eliminate toxic heavy metal from our system. Yes, we all have toxic heavy metal in our system. Drinking tap water, using toxic deodorants, mercury fillings in our teeth, chemical cleaners, some fertilisers are many things that can contribute to toxic heavy metal in our system. They can also be passed down through the generations. So it’s highly important to do your best to reduce these.

Fruit helps us fight bacteria and viruses with their antibacterial and antiviral properties. Eating fruit can heal us from many conditions and is also great for helping to kill off the bad bacteria in our digestive system despite what you might read. Fruit doesn’t feed the bad bacteria or candida in the gut, it actually helps eliminate it. Contrary to popular belief, for these reasons above fruit is great for oral health. It doesn’t decay teeth, processed foods and refined sugars do that.

Fruit is full of the nutrients we need for our optimal health and survival. Vitamin C is one of those nutrients that is so important to our health and fruit is full of it. If we don’t have Vitamin C we don’t survive. I won’t go on about all the other vitamins and minerals in fruit, but we all know that fruit is full of them.

Fruit also helps cleanse our liver and cool it down as it can get overheated by working so hard to eliminate the bad foods and chemicals that put into our bodies. If our liver overheats it can become sluggish and not filter efficiently. This will then lead to a number of health issues.

If you find it hard to get fruit into your children, consider juicing or smoothies. You can hide all sorts of fruits and vegetables in these delicious treats. My son can be fussy, but a juice with celery, cucumber, apple, orange and ginger is gone before I know it. Please stay away from commercial fruit juices as they are loaded with added sugar. There isn’t much fruit in many of them. If you must, purchase the one that have fruit only in the ingredients list. Fresh juices on an empty stomach are great for kids with health issues, especially the gut.

I hope some people really consider more fruit in their children’s diet from a young age. I see too many children snacking on sugary and fat loaded foods. These have virtually no nutritional value and are not worth the money you pay.

Good luck and never give up trying.


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