One of the most important aspects of health is cleansing your whole life. When you purchase a cleanse through a health coach, you usually only discuss food. We clean up what we eat for a few weeks and then most people gradually go back to eating how they did before. So effectively, you have down very little to cleanse your body.

We should be cleansing every day. Don’t get me wrong, you can have indulgences with food. But they should be treats, not your lifestyle.

The biggest mistake that is made when cleansing with food is that we don’t consider the products we are using. we ingest, inhale and put all kinds of toxic chemicals on our skin all of which get absorbed into the bloodstream. So in reality, your food cleanse is only 10% useful.

When I was healing, I was learning so much about what is toxic and how natural ingredients are much more beneficial to the body. So I went about replacing all my products in my house with natural products over time.

I spent a lot of money over the years trying and testing different items. I have put together my favourites to help you reduce your time, energy and money sorting out the good from the bad. Some of the companies have offered to give you a discount if you put my code in. So make sure you follow the instructions because who doesn’t love a discount?

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