Commercial toilet sprays have ingredients in them that can cause damage to our respiratory system, skin and liver. Just because you are not spraying it on you, doesn’t mean it is not having a negative effect on you. You are breathing it in, it lands on the floor and you are walking on it, perhaps it lands on the toilet seat and you are sitting on it.

Not only that, they aren’t cheap. Here is my version that costs me next to nothing to make and will help combat some of the germs in the bathroom. I have 2 males in this house so every now and then I spray the freshener around the seat and up the back and give it a little wipe.



I just use water and essential oils, but if you want to add a dispersant you can add some witch hazel. Maybe fill ¼ of the spray bottle.

I use a 50ml spray bottle that has a gentle mist sprayer.

I add my essential oils, about 25 drops. I love citrus so oils like WILD ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL Lime, Litsea, Lemongrass, I also love minty smells like PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL Spearmint. You can add Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Cypress. Use the less expensive oils.

Top with water and witch hazel if you’re using it and that’s it. So basic.


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