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This is a subject that society has moved away from. Let me take you back a few hundred years before we could get in a car and go to the doctor, or ask a policeman to find our child. It was women who knew their child was sick, who gave their child honey and lemon, gave them a cool bath to bring a temperature down, who knew their child was missing but their gut lead them in the right direction more often than not. What about when you’re a child and your Mum is in the other room and she calls out “stop touching that”, yet you swear you didn’t make a sound. Can she see through the walls? How did she know what we were up to?

A mothers instincts are amazing. When a woman is pregnant, automatically she is ready to protect, nature and love that child growing inside her. Some women struggle with this during pregnancy. I know I did. But the second that child is born, most women have that overwhelming love and adoration for that baby. You’re in tune with your child. We no longer think of ourselves first. We think of our child. When they can’t speak, we know what they want. Even when they can speak, sometimes we are the only one who understands them. When we have a tough decision to make, that first feeling that hits the pit of your stomach is almost always right. Sometimes, we just know when something is wrong. Believe it or not, it is that “animal instinct” in us that encouraged us to procreate in the first place.

In today’s society, I feel that although we still have these instincts in many ways we are encouraged to hand over our power to doctors, teachers, police, and other members of society. Now I am not saying that when our child is sick we don’t take them to a doctor or we don’t send them to school. What I am saying is that when we believe our child is sick, lets see what we can do straight away to help them heal. It can take a day or 2 to get into a doctor anyway. In the mean time, trust your gut and do something about it. We don’t need to run to a pharmacy to grab synthetic drugs either. Nature has provided us with so many wonderful and powerful remedies. Obviously I am not talking about medical emergencies here, colds and flu for example.

We also don’t need school teachers to be the sole educators of our children on societal expectations, behaviours and morals. We know our children the best and we know what we want to teach them. We all have different values, do we really want someone else to impart theirs on our own kids? In my mind, I want my child’s teacher to concentrate on  education of Maths, English, Science etc. Respect, manners, behaviour, expectations and morals should mostly come from me.

It is my belief that we need to get back to having confidence in our own abilities as parents and trust what we already know and are constantly learning. Take our blinkers off, be realistic and honest with ourselves about our children. Sometimes we know what is happening with our kids, but we choose to ignore it. And that can be totally understandable. If we put our own feelings aside and do what is optimal for our child, what already know is right, it can only end in positive results.

I want to get back to the topic of giving our power away to doctors. I get so many people come to me after going to several doctors, many bouts of illness and medications and to have no actual results. They are frustrated, angry, tired and even depressed at times. It’s an unbelievable the number to be honest. Is this because we take ourselves or our child to the doctor and they really don’t know us? Are blood tests always really that reliable?  They don’t spend time with us. We know what happens in our own homes. In the case of our children, when we see them display certain behaviours, reactions, and symptoms on a daily basis, we just know if there is something wrong. Let me use my situation as an example. Both my children had tummy issues at 3 or 4 years old. After many GP’s and paediatricians testing poo samples and taking blood, I was told that kids just get these issues sometimes. Really? If that is the case then why do they? What a load of shit! There has to be a reason. I was not letting go and did my own research, trial and error. First thing I did was eliminate what I believed was a major cause. Gluten. I started seeing results. But I needed to “cure” this. Who wants their kids to suffer right? I then got them to drink aloe vera every day and used essential oils to help cleanse their gut and remove bad bacteria. Something so simple. Today they are much better for it. Lucky for them I listened to my gut and not to the doctors who sent me away like a over reactive mother.

My point is, if we always listen to people who don’t walk a day in our shoes, can we truly be of service to our family? Yes there are times we need to do that and sure we can take advice. But when we know deep down that they are wrong, don’t let it go. Find someone who will listen. Make someone listen. Keep fighting. Whether it be medical, educational or social, don’t ignore those motherly instincts we are born with. Take your power back and have faith in your intuition.


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