You will get many differing opinions online about the quality and purity of all brands of essential oils. The best thing that you can do here is base your opinion on evidence and your intuition.

I choose Doterra for many reasons.

  • They are very transparent about where the plants are harvested. They choose to grow the plants in area’s of where the plants are native which is where it grows the best. this ensures maximum potency.
  • They work with the harvesters to ensure purity and that there is no middle man like most other companies.
  • Each bottle has a batch number that you can look up online to see where it has been.
  • Doterra sells any oils that they reject due to lack of potency or purity to other essential oil companies.
  • They have a partnering program called “co-impact sourcing” to ensure the farmers and their communities are well paid, have running water, education and many other essential facilities.
  • They go through rigorous testing and have more variety of test than any other brand.
  • The vibration of Doterra’s essential oils is higher than other brands due the above facts. You can test this with a pendulum and sometimes even the smell is totally different.
  • All their oils are pure and have been adulterated. Meaning, some companies will add synthetics without disclosing them. A great example of this is Tea Tree that you buy from a supermarket. It will say PURE on the bottle but when you put it on an open wound it will sting. That is not the Tea Tree stinging you. Pure Tea Tree doesn’t sting. Some companies also add cheaper oils with similar chemical structure to them to more expensive oils. A classic example is adding Geranium to Rose.

To go through Doterra’s range, click the link below

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