After reading a post someone put on Facebook, I felt so compelled to write this blog. I may get shunned and to be honest I just don’t care. I was reading the comments under this post and was just blown away. The post began with someone who has Diabetes that went through the drive thru of a fast food outlet. They asked for Pepsi Max with their meal but there was none left so they asked the person in the drive thru what was another sugar free option. In the end the person received a drink that had sugar in it and mentioned that people that work in these kinds of places should be educated so they no longer makes the wrong choices for people with chronic illness or food allergies. That was my first WOW.

I couldn’t hold back. I had to say a quick “people with these conditions should maybe not eat at these places if they are so sick?” What came next were not only comments of support for this, but people saying “you eat what u want” and “maybe people with chronic illness want to feel normal”. WOW number 2.

Yes, eat what you want. But why is it someone else’s responsibility to know what your body needs? I mean, you could have chosen a water if you’re so unsure. Do you really want your health in the hands of a young person who works for a minimum wage in a drive thru of a fast food outlet? If you have an allergy or chronic illness, eating fast food sure isn’t going to make you feel “normal”. It’s going to make you feel like shit to be honest.

That’s why I started with the question, who’s responsibility is your health? I have so many people come to see me or come to my workshops, that don’t want to take the full responsibility. People who are happy to feel crap because they just want to eat bread knowing full well it doesn’t agree with them. How far are you willing to go to help yourself? When are you willing to say I know what I can and can’t eat and it’s not up to someone else to help me decide that. Most people want a magic pill that will fix everything. They don’t want to make the effort to change.

Lets be completely honest. We all know what foods are healthy. Fruits and vegetables and lean meats. We all know what is not healthy, fast food, packaged foods, foods with added sugar, colours, preservatives etc. It’s not a secret. Why do we need big flashing signs or people to say “wait, you can’t have this”. Everything has a label with the nutritional value on it. It’s up to us to read it and understand it.

Lets just say fast food outlets begin to educate everyone that works for them on the nutritional value of the food and drink. What will happen? The cost of the food will go up. They can still make a mistake because they are not educated on health conditions. If they do make a mistake they may be liable because, hey they are trained right? Most of these places hire teenagers, not people with a health degree. How can we expect any more from them other than taking our order and passing over food. It’s probably their first ever job for goodness sake. Next we will be expecting our friends to be educated on foods so when we go to their house for a BBQ they can indicate to us what we should eat.

My point is, if you are putting the food in your mouth it is your responsibility to know exactly what it is and how it will react in your body. Take ownership of your health condition if you have one. If you don’t have a health condition, don’t think that eating what you want ie. fast food, isn’t going to create one. You never know what is manifesting or underlying in your body. Don’t wait until you’re extremely sick to eat healthy. It is a massive road to recovery and it’s bloody expensive to be sick. Spend the small amount on health products now and stay as healthy as you can. If you have children, you are their role models. They learn from you. Teach them from a young age how to be responsible for what they eat and why. You may be saving them from future health concerns.



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