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I am sure you have all heard the benefits of bone broth. An anti-inflammatory and immune booster, full of minerals and supports joints, skin, nails and hair due to it’s high collagen content. Drink a cup a day if you can. If you can’t stomach it, use it as a stock in sauces and soups.

I slow cook mine for 24-48 hours. I also bag it up in zip-lock bags in 1 cup or 1/2 cup measures to use in my cooking. Commercial stocks and gravies have chemicals or preservatives and fall short of gelatine and collagen. I often have people comment that I must have a lot of time on my hands to make my own stock. If you have a slow cooker and a spare 5 minutes, that is all it takes. You can use chicken, beef, lamb, pork, turkey or seafood bones. I mostly just do beef or chicken and occasionally lamb. It’s so simple…

Some people say it improves flavour to roast the bones first but I can’t tell the difference. I often use raw bones and I like to keep it simple. Some people skim the top every hour or so and add ingredients at all different times. The way I do it is fuss free and ends up the same result if you ask me. (I have tried every way)

U can keep bones that u have from dinner. If you have a roast chicken, keep the bones to use in your stock. Put them in a bag and put them in the freezer. Make sure you use bones from organic, pasture raised animals where possible. The animals should have been as healthy and well fed as possible as you will be ingesting the important minerals from them.







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