Over the years I have tried and tested many nutritious meals on my family and children in my care. You will find my recipes are generally gluten free. I find gluten can be a major cause of inflammation, gut and skin conditions. Wheat is not like it was 30 years ago.
I don’t like to add refined sugars to food but am not opposed to fruit, local raw honey, coconut nectar and coconut sugar or 100% pure maple syrup. I don’t believe we need to cut all sugars totally from our diets. We need glucose so insulin can deliver it to our cells.
We also need a good balance of carbohydrates (the right kind of course), protein and yes we need FAT. Not polyunsaturated fat, but saturated fat. It goes against everything you have been taught right? Think about it. Our bodies consist of saturated fat, there is saturated fat in breast milk, animals bodies contain saturated fat. To me it makes sense that this is the fat that we need. Our brain has a large amount of fat, therefore we need to eat fat to be able to think. We are told our bodies are made up of over 50% water so we need to drink plenty water, yet we find it hard to believe that because our bodies are made of fat that we would be required to eat it. Surely it’s going to make us fat??? Do green vegetables make us green?
In my recipes you will see that I won’t use any polyunsaturated fats like Canola oil, vegetable oil etc. It will only be coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or butter.
I will go into more detail about why I have chosen this way of cooking in some of my blog posts. You will notice that my recipes serve at least 6 people. I like to make enough to feed us for lunch. Hubby and I take some to work or the kids take some in a thermos to school instead of a sandwich for lunch.

But for now, here are some of the favourite recipes I get asked to cook….

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