Byron Bay bronze self-tanner is produced using all natural ingredients that are organically sourced and is packaged in 100% ocean waste plastic.

they are vegan and cruelty free with 1% of their profits going to Wilder.

These are just some of the reasons I fell in love with this company straight off the bat.

But then when I actually used the product, and believe me I am no self-tanning expert. In fact I am quite rubbish at it, I found how great the coverage is and the colour is awesome. I only had to have it on for 20 minutes before I washed it off. Also, the way it wears off is very even and doesn’t go all patchy like the ones you get at a tanning salon.

There is so much to love about Byron Bat Bronze. They are so loveable that they want to give you a 20% discount when you use the code Naomi20.

Jump on their site and check them out.

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