At this stage, your baby will probably be more independent and wanting to feed themselves. They are also going to start to want to chew foods. This is a good time to let them play with their food, put it in their mouth themselves with their hands or even a spoon. Feeling food with their fingers is a great way to learn different textures. Everything they pick up goes in there mouths at this age right? Food is something we should be happy for them to play with and put in the mouth. This is no time to teach them table manners or to not play with their food. That will come in time.

We can now expand flavours and introduce more lumps and bumps into food. Soft fruits and vegetables can be given to them to be sucked on at about 9 months without mushing it. Peeling and cutting pears and apples into quarters, and lightly steaming them so they are soft is a good option at this age. Lightly steamed carrot batons are also great. Babies at about 8-10 months can start having lightly cooked toast or bread to suck on. All of these things depend on your child’s gag reflex of course. Some babies choke on everything that isn’t mushed up. Don’t stop trying to give them lumpy or more solid foods as there is only one way for them to overcome this problem. Just make sure you are with them at all times to ensure they don’t choke.

They can now eat what you’re eating (depending what it is of course), mashed up a little. Something like home made LAMB CASSEROLE that you give a quick whizz in a blender, CHICKEN & MUSHROOM PIE or COTTAGE PIE. 

You can also add another meal to their day so they are now having 3 small meals and their milk. Milk feeds usually drop off to 2 feeds at this age. They shouldn’t be having more than 3 by 10 months old.

I am a strong advocate for no preservatives in food. So giving small children processed food is not a good start to their food habits. Have a read of my blog to discover why I am so against them. You may not notice the damage you’re doing now, but think about the long term effects SIDE EFFECTS OF PRESERVATIVES

If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, I always say go with your instincts. Mothers instincts are real and most of us develop them when we are pregnant. You know your child the best, you have a bond and you spend the most time with them.

Good luck and feel free to contact me for assistance.

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