Welcome to Naomi’s first blog…

This is something very new to me. I really felt compelled to write a blog mostly aimed at growing families who would like to find a more natural and simple approach to their development. There is so much conflicting information out there. Now I am not saying that what I say is bible or everything is going to work for everyone. But I have discovered a lot of helpful tips and techniques in the past 20 years of working with a wide range of families and also having my own family for the past 9 years.

I have a love of cooking nutritious food and a dislike for processed food. To me processed food is not real food. I understand that people these days are very time poor. This is why I have tried to develop recipes that are both nutritious and easy to cook. Oh and of course, food that most children will enjoy. There is nothing worse than picking up a recipe book and finding it full of recipes that my husband and I would love, but I know the kids just won’t even try it.

In my mind, health should come first. If you are healthy, it is much easier to live that hectic lifestyle. Not to mention it costs a lot less in medical fees. I get tired of hearing that processed food is so much cheaper than meat, fruit and vegetables. If you go into the freezer section you will find for example that chicken nuggets can be around $12.00/kg. In the deli you can buy chicken breast fillets for $9.00/kg. Obviously these prices vary, but essentially we are not looking at nuggets being so much cheaper than fresh chicken.

Lets look at the ingredients in processed food. How does it not go off? Preservatives and additives. Generally, preserving food (other than the physical kind like dehydrating or the traditional type like pickling, salt and oils) uses chemicals added to prevent its decomposition. How can we expect this to be good for us? In my time caring for children I have seen behavioural problems grow. I can’t help but think that in many cases food can be a big part of the problem. Not to mention the growing allergies, skin and stomach conditions. Do we truly believe that these chemicals won’t have a negative effect on our bodies?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like my children have never eaten processed food. I mean they do have Grandparents lol. Seriously though, they do love their baked beans and as much as I try they don’t really like my lovely home made ones. And that’s ok. Everything in moderation right? In general, most of their diet consists of fresh, home cooked food. If their whole diet was based on food from a box or jar I would be concerned. In saying that, it’s not up to me to judge anyone who does not share these principles. If you feel you need any help in making the change, you are why I began my blog.

So as my blog progresses, I will be sharing my family favourite recipes. Hopefully it will provide you with information on managing behaviours, fussy eaters, natural health remedies, exercise, family activities and food, food, food.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I look forward to connecting with you.



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